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Taliya's recording of "Flower Child" was awarded the "Guinness World Record - under the category of Song Sung in the Most Languages by the Same Vocalist." Performed in 15 languages, "Flower Child" can be experienced in: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Dutch, Thai, Greek, Polish & Hindi. For many performers, this long list of dialects would seem impossible to achieve, but for Taliya, it was a labor of love.

Taliya was born in Jerusalem and has lived in several countries, including England, Spain, Denmark, Germany and France. She is fluent in English and Hebrew, and she also speaks good Spanish, as well as a bit of Italian, French, Japanese, Arabic and Portuguese. For the additional seven languages on the album, she worked with scholars on translations and proper pronunciation.

Her latest tune, “Flower Child,” is in 15 languages, including English, Spanish, Hindi, Polish, Thai and Greek. Taliya recorded “Flower Child” in so many languages because she felt lyrics like Be free and promise not to change/ Why don’t you see, you will not forget are universal. She admits getting the universal message across was easier in Italian and Japanese – where the words tend to end in vowels – and hardest in Chinese, which has a lot of “short sounds.”

So far, “Flower Child” hasn’t hit No. 1 in any language but Taliya has earned a spot in the Guinness Book Of World Records in the category, “Song Sung in the Most Languages by the Same Vocalist.”

Her second CD titled, "TALIYA - The 15th Language" is a double album, which includes two CDs. CD1 features Taliya's single "Flower Child." CD2 features a collection of various songs in different languages, which send a message of overcoming geographical boundaries and promoting unity. Taliya said, "I believe that through music, artists have a social responsibility to promote cultural diversity and contribute to a lasting understanding and tolerance between individuals as well as provide messages of hope and peace." "The 15th Language", takes the listeners on a multicultural musical journey of captivating ethereal female vocals, and eclectic mysticism.

Taliya has been interviewed many times, and her songs have been played on several European Radio Stations, such as, BBC Radio (England), Radio Espana (Spain), Forth Radio, Northsound Radio, Tay Radio, Moray Firth Radio (Scotland). Her contribution to a mutual understanding between individuals of all cultures, has been inspired by years of performing in many countries, including England, Denmark, Israel, Spain, France, Germany. Taliya has also performed in festivals throughout California and Nevada.

FANTASY CD Credits Bass - Joe McKenna (3) Drums - Rich Washburn Drums, Backing Vocals, Percussion - Colly Gordon E-bow, Guitar [Electric & Nylon] - Lane Cameron Electric Guitar - Andy Walker Keyboards - Maestro Curtis , Micky Lynch Piano, Organ [Hammond] - Peter Supersano Producer - Colly Gordon Saxophone, Flute - Tom Delaney (2) Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar - Taliya Reuveni

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